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Manually pressure washing swine facilities is one of the worst jobs in agriculture.

The power of the high pressure washer quickly affects the neck and shoulders, causing strain and injury. Vibrations create circulation problems. Dust, mold, spores and micro-organisms are everywhere, triggering irritable respiration, burning eyes and flu-like aches and even fever. More severe inflammation can contribute to asthma, heart problems, arthritis problems and rheumatism. 

These issues can contravene Health & Safety regulations, not to mention effecting your team’s morale. Why put the health and well-being of your staff at risk when you can use an automated washing robot to do the dirty job?

The job you hate is what our robotic cleaners do best!


The Evo Cleaner is EnviroLogic’s second generation robotic cleaner, and it offers improved performance, 20-25% faster cleaning and optimized design and components. 

It also simplifies precise programming, allowing the robot to learn by joystick operation and teaching. A user-friendly interface allows farmers to run through the teaching phase with ease. Once taught, the robot consistently runs in the established format. 

When you purchase an Evo Cleaner, you are buying with the assurance that our network of highly-skilled technicians will support you with service and training. This, combined with 24-hour monitoring and alarm detection ensures a high level of customer satisfaction. We have your back! 

"The Clever Cleaner exceeded my expectations! It does all the dirty work without supervision once programmed. Programming is simple and easy to adjust and adapt to different styles of pens and rooms." WELL worth the investment! ―Dave Devries

"We are very happy with our Evo Cleaner! It has allowed us to spend more time caring and nurturing our pigs while not feeling tired and drained from pressure washing. It offers huge time savings!" ―Silver Corners, Inc.